Can you preserve already dried flowers?

Yes! We can preserve already dried flowers and they look lovely in resin! The condition flowers are received in will dictate how your piece is going to look. The fresher the flowers, the more vibrant and lifelike the result will be. However, dried flowers will make a beautiful piece for you to cherish for years to come.

I do not live locally, can you still preserve my flowers?

Absolutely! I work with clients from all over! Please see the shipping page for detailed directions on how to pack your flowers for shipping. Please send with overnight or 2 day shipping to the address you will be given. Remember care in packing is critical. Receipt of fresh flowers is crucial if you are envisioning a fresh flower look.

Do you accept international orders or orders outside of the continental US?

Yes, however, sometimes there are issues with flowers traveling across borders. Certain types of flowers are prohibited. Please check with local customs to verify if you may bring or ship your flowers prior to booking. You will also need to check the duty laws of your country to avoid any unexpected charges upon receiving your items. Most importantly, fresh flowers must be received within 2 days of your event for the best results. If traveling back with your flowers, please consider these factors before booking.

Do you offer floral color enhancements?

Not at this time.

Do flowers retain their colors when dried and preserved in resin?

When flowers are dried, they do change color. Sometimes this is mild and sometimes this is more dramatic. For instance, many bright pink flowers will turn more magenta, and whites may turn more ivory.

What types of flowers can be preserved?

Some flowers do preserve better than others. This depends on their water content. The drying times for individual flowers varies. This is where the experience of the preservation specialist is important. Lillies and orchids are difficult to dry but not impossible. Roses dry beautifully.

My flowers are starting to die, can you still preserve them?

We can try but please remember the finished product reflects the condition the flowers were received in. I will do my best to remove damage and brown spots but time really is of the essence in the delivery process.

Do you recreate bridal bouquets preserved in resin?

Yes, we can! Please note this when booking. I will reach out to you for a phone consultation. Please send multiple photos of the bouquet you wish recreate and preserve in resin.

Why do some flowers turn translucent in resin?

The translucent petals are signs of bruising to the flower during it’s lifetime. Bruising can happen at a florist, during your event or during shipping. Bruising is part of the flower’s lifecycle. Unfortunately, most times this cannot be seen until after it is set in the resin.

Will my bouquet be kept in tact?

Due to the nature of this process I do have to remove the blooms from the bouquet to dry them correctly. Some items can be preserved with your flowers such as ribbons or small keepsakes. We can discuss this in our consultation phone call.

How long will a custom order take to be completed?

From receipt of flowers until ready to ship status is approximately a 4-6 month process. This could vary depending on a variety of factors. It could be a sooner or possibly longer. Please remember, time and patience are necessary to preserve your moments into a quality keepsake for years to come.

Will the resin last over time?

As with any resin project we suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source. Care instructions will come with your final piece.

Do you accept returns?

Since items are custom made they are not returnable.