How It Works

How does it work?

  1. Reserve your date and provide event information. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your date. The entire deposit will be applied to your future order.
  2. Designate a point person to take care of your flowers. Remember flowers are delicate and can get bruised. Care is critical.
  3. Coordinate drop off for local events or ship your flowers. Flowers should be received fresh for optimal results. Overnight shipping is recommended. See the shipping page for care and packing instructions. Again, care is critical.
  4. We will confirm delivery receipt of your shipment.
  5. Once received, your flowers are handled with the utmost care. They are inspected for damage and then dried in a medium until all moisture is removed. The amount of time needed for this process depends on the size and type of flower.
  6. Once they are dried, each flower is inspected, and removal of all drying medium takes place. This can be a tedious process but necessary for exceptional products.
  7. Next is the design phase and the creative process. This requires time, patience and involves multiple layers of resin to create extraordinary results.
  8. Once complete, your order must be cured for 5 days before sanding and polishing can commence.
  9. The finished product is then shipped, or local delivery is scheduled.