Shipping Supplies Needed:

  1. Large box
  2. Packing tape
  3. Packing paper or tissue paper. *No plastic of any kind
  4. Paper towel
  5. Rubber Band
  6. Plastic baggie


  1. Trim Stems if exposed as if you would when placing fresh flowers in water.
  2. Lightly dampen the paper towel and wrap around the end of the stems.
  3. Place plastic bag over paper towel and use a rubber band to secure.
  4. Gently wrap with tissue paper to protect flowers.
  5. Place a good layer of tissue paper or packing paper on the bottom of box to create a soft nest.
  6. Lay bouquet in the box and carefully tuck in tissue paper around the bouquet.
  7. Lightly lay crumpled tissue paper on top so there is minimal bruising in shipping.