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Approximate Dimentions (In Inches)

Small: Height: 6, Width: 5.25, Depth: 3

Medium: Height: 8, Width: 7, Depth: 3

Large: Height: 10, Width: 8.75, Depth: 3

Ideal for most flower sizes.

Presenting our delightful "Dog on Tour Designs: Floral Arch Resin Preservation Piece" – a unique and artistic way to cherish the beauty of flowers forever. Crafted with passion and care, this stunning piece captures the essence of your cherished blooms, preserving their elegance in high-quality resin.

Bring the timeless allure of preserved flowers into your life with the Dog on Tour Designs Floral Arch Resin Preservation Piece. Whether adorning a mantel, gracing a shelf, or becoming the centerpiece of a room, this piece adds an aura of natural elegance. Embrace the beauty of floral artistry and create unforgettable memories with this captivating keepsake.


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