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Approximate Dimentions (In Inches

Small: Height: 6, Width: 3.25, Depth: 1

Large: Height: 12, Width: 6, Depth: 1

Ideal for smaller size flowers.


Introducing our extraordinary "Dog on Tour Designs: Floral Preservation Cross" – a captivating symbol of faith and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the profound serenity of preserved flowers with this exquisite cross, skillfully crafted from premium resin.

Our Floral Preservation Cross seamlessly blends divine significance with the enduring beauty of preserved flowers. Crafted from the highest quality resin, this cross is designed to stand the test of time. The durable material ensures that the flowers remain impeccably preserved, free from dust, moisture, and fading, maintaining their eternal grace.

Whether displayed in a place of worship, a meditation room, or as a cherished home accent, the Floral Preservation Cross radiates a sense of peace and tranquility. Its profound symbolism and natural beauty create a harmonious and soul-stirring ambiance.


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