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Approximate Dimentions (In Inches)

Small: Height 6-7 inches

Large: Height 10 Inces 


Introducing our enchanting "Dog on Tour Designs: Floral Preservation Alphabet Letters" – a personalized and captivating way to cherish the beauty of preserved flowers. The Floral Preservation Alphabet Letters allow you to create a unique and meaningful display of preserved flowers in the shape of any letter of the alphabet. Each delicate petal and intricate detail is lovingly encased in crystal-clear resin, making your chosen letter come alive with natural beauty.

Express yourself and make a statement with a letter that holds special significance. Whether it's your initial, a loved one's name, or a word that carries sentimental value, these floral preservation letters are the perfect way to commemorate moments that matter.

Embrace the eternal allure of nature and express yourself through the language of flowers with our Floral Preservation Alphabet Letters. Experience the grace of preserved blooms crafted into a personalized and unique piece, where artistry and nature unite to create an everlasting masterpiece. Each alphabet letter captures the essence of fleeting moments, thoughtfully preserved to be cherished for generations to come.


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