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Ring Holder

Ring Holder

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Approximate Dimentions (In Inches)

Small: Height: 3 Width: 2.5

Large: Height: 4,25 Width: 2.5 

Please note* mold shape may slightly differ than pictured due to availability*

Introducing our exquisite "Dog on Tour Designs: Floral Preservation Ring Holder" – a harmonious union of nature's beauty and functional elegance. Being both practical and beautiful, elevate your jewelry display with this functional and stunning ring holder. Its exquisite design allows you to store and display your rings with effortless grace, adding a touch of natural elegance to your vanity or dresser.

The Floral Preservation Ring Holder captures the ethereal charm of your cherished flowers, preserving their natural allure for eternity. Each delicate petal and intricate bloom is lovingly encased in crystal-clear resin, creating a mesmerizing display of nature's wonders.

Infuse your daily life with the elegance of preserved flowers. The Floral Preservation Ring Holder effortlessly complements various décor styles, becoming an eye-catching accent that brings a touch of nature indoors.


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